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    Not driving

    Common on more modern cars. Always some small draw that will eventually drain down the battery. I use a battery tender on my Porsche.
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    ExplorerTom's Explorer

    Looks good!
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    Jeep dash and radio short?

    Is your battery light come in at random? There is a idiot wire attached to the alternator that will trigger the battery light if it loses connection. Otherwise maybe a pinched harness. Internal ground behind dash. Best to track the wiring diagram for the radio and dash and see if there’s a...
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    New Mexico/Arizona Back Country trip March 28-April 4 2020

    It is now live on meetup. Join me at New Mexico/Arizona Back Country Discovery Route
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    New Mexico/Arizona Back Country trip March 28-April 4 2020

    Will be posted this weekend on meetup for RSVP. Spots limited to 6 rigs including myself. We will be exploring a large section of the New Mexico Back Country Discovery Route (NMBDR) heading south from either the Colorado Border to Silver City, NM or from Grants, NM to Silver City depending on...
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    Auxiliary Lights - What should I get?

    We are adding this to our setup as we already have the job site blower. DEWALT 20V MAX LED Work Light, Pivoting Head (DCL043) I want something I can grab and walk around a potential campsite as well as use for night time...
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    Hell at that price I’ll take 2.
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    Off-road/Overland trailer

    I like trailers. They just scare me on shelf roads. Can’t get past the feeling it would drag me off the face of a mountain.
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    Medical Bags and Supplies on your trip

    I will post a list of my kit as well. With some pics. I can say I like the spring tail solutions bag but it needs more pockets.
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    Windows Up or Windows Down?

    Depends on weather and what position I’m in. If I’m leading and it’s not hot as hell I’ll roll them down.
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    External Fuel Solutions

    I like that fender mount! I bought the wavian nato fuel cans which are legit. I have a set of the Chinese knock offs and they leak. Wavian are about $80 each though.
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    Help programming Baofeng BF-F9V2+

    I have a small inverter on my auxiliary power setup.
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    Help programming Baofeng BF-F9V2+

    I’m upgrading my ham setup as well. Will keep the baofeng in my rig for spotting purposes.
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    External Fuel Solutions

    I’ve seen the hi lift mounted on the front fenders, never seen Jerry cans there.
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    Why I won’t get rid of my rig...

    Alu cab is supposed to be developing a shell camper for the gladiator. Gladiator in diesel plus that would be a amazing rig.