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    Military water cans at a good price

    Awesome Morris! Thanks for sharing. If anyone is thinking it, these suck for carrying fuel. There are no pour spouts that fit them, but they are indestructible as far as water cans go! In the worst place you can imagine on this planet, I had a strap break and ten of those (completely filled)...

    Fighter Jets, WAY more active recently?

    Yesterday afternoon a group of F-16 flew over my house (6th&Kipling), low enough to see seams in the fusilage (about 500ft). They had missiles and were in a combat interval diamond formation, scooting along pretty quick in a E-SE direction. Probably getting ready for Red Dawn.:rolleyes: All...

    Decision time

    Looks good buddy! My J-10 is almost completely covered in Rustoleum rattlecan bedliner (ironically, except the actual bed) then different shades of flat brown over that. I had issues getting it to stick to chrome bits, like the Ford door mirrors and the grill, but I just tried to scuff it all up...

    Vehicle build for the sake of vehicle builds

    I completely agree with both of you. However, of all the ways people waste their time and money, at least these guys aren't hurting anyone. That guy with the "van-life" LR on the other hand, he could inspire someone to do something dumb. His lamp arm tablet holder is a missile waiting to...

    How not to set up your rig

    Oh man.:( I'm glad he's proud of himself, but, just, He screw-clamped a lamp arm to the hinged lid of a rear cargo box, and that's the least ***** thing he did. I'm not using ***** in the place of a swear-word. I just don't know the word for what it is. It used to be "hack", like "that...

    Fighter Jets, WAY more active recently?

    First off, I'm not alarmed. I grew up in Grand Junction in the 80s and military aircraft were flying overhead non-stop (and air-raid drills were still a thing and everyone knew the closest fallout shelter). I'm only curious if others have noticed the uptick over the last 4-5 months? I'm on the...

    Portable Fire Pit

    Morris has a portable propane firepit that's pretty slick. If I had the room to spare, it'd be on my glamping pack list.:) Personally, I'm mostly over (traditional) campfires. Every summer since 2014 there've been burn bans during most (if not all) of the adventure season everywhere we've gone...

    Meet & Greet

    Good to meet you too, T.J.! I'm pretty sure the other guy was Brian.;) Just kidding JD, and for reals I think the other guy was Chuck, but nobody gets hung up on names around here. :D

    Yay snow!

    Let us hope!
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    Winter gear from Overland Mag.

    I hear ya! I figure, that if a day comes when that's what I want, by then it'll probably drive itself.:D
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    Winter gear from Overland Mag.

    I'm with you Morris. It's not my cup of tea right now, but I won't say "never". A day may come when that's just what I need, it's just not a day I can see from here.:)
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    Winter gear from Overland Mag.

    Are you talking about that gigantic blue Freightliner monster? Had the color-matching KJ based rockbuggy behind it? It also had a 40" TV on the OUTSIDE (that they fortunately only used during the day to watch Football in July somehow) I looked that RV up when I got home, cost $100k more than my...
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    Surplus ammo cans

    I'm down for 2. Cash money a week from tomorrow work? Wife doesn't have class and wants to go with me to talk about spring escape.
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    Outdoor Retailer show @ Denver Conv. Center?

    Well, I'm not going to either of those places any time soon.:p If there's something safer than DEET but works better in the Rockies than the citronella hippy crap we switched to when Helen was born, I'm all about it.:D
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    Outdoor Retailer show @ Denver Conv. Center?

    Nice! I'm glad we had some folks in the inside! After seeing some shots from the news, I'm glad nobody to me up on my suggesting I go in there place, haha! Looks like some cool stuff was shown, though, I'm going to look into that bug repellent.:)