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  1. dirtlimo

    White River National Forest Trip 7/12/19

    Is this still a go? I'm planning on joining in. Would like to leave earlier and maybe meet up with Shoestring in Dotsero. Silly a** question, mosquito factor? I was at Buffalo pass on Monday and it was so bad I did not camp and came back home. I did not apply the mosquito armour and that was...
  2. dirtlimo

    Looking to lift my tacoma -- any taco owners with any recomendations

    Heard good things about OME/BP's and Slee. I do not think you can go wrong with that.
  3. dirtlimo

    fox shocks

    Accutune OR seems to be a good place for knowledge and re-valving. They set mine up on the Taco and i've had no issues.
  4. dirtlimo

    Kokopeli Trail - October 18-21

    Interested. But Nate has to go and he has to bring the flask :)
  5. dirtlimo

    Body Armors for my Jeep

    They USED to be, I'm not 100% sure now. I think Trans america owns them now, which means it comes from China I believe. I bought my stuff in 2012 when it was still in the states, I have had no issues with mine. Maybe someone else who has bought stuff recently will chime in. I cannot speak to...
  6. dirtlimo

    Off-roading Tires

    I've had Nitto and Toyo MT's and did not like them in the winter or on long pavement hauls. I have since switched to Nitto AWT's and will stay with them. They also got me 1.5MPG increase, so there's that :)
  7. dirtlimo

    Tomichi Pass

    Kinda last minute, but was going to head out this way Sat-Sun maybe Mon. St.Elmo/Hancock/Tincup/Tomichi for at least one night. More than welcome to join if you have no plans.
  8. dirtlimo

    Eclipse Viewing Jackson, WY Aug 21, 2017

    Just throwing this out there...Headed to MO (2:40 of totality) to my bros farm. You are welcome to caravan, quite a drive i understand.
  9. dirtlimo

    New guy

  10. dirtlimo


    Welcome Noah! Nice 4runner!
  11. dirtlimo

    Overland Expo in Flagstaff 5/12 to 5/14

    Never have, but would love to. Subscribed.
  12. dirtlimo

    What did you do to your rig today?

    6 nights so far, digging it!
  13. dirtlimo

    Replenishing Water on the Trail

    I've used this a couple of times with no issues.
  14. dirtlimo

    What did you do to your rig today?

    After saving up nickels and dimes, I was able to visit Ursa Minor and AT Overland for some "accessories" last week :) Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
  15. dirtlimo

    Sleeping Pad vs Air Mattress

    I have an APLS mountaineering pad for Jeep camping and a Themarest for backpacking. I prefer the self inflatables myself, and with a 0 degree bag I have always been warm.
  16. dirtlimo

    Meet N Greet location discussions

    My 2 cents is that being up north driving to you guys on a Tuesday night can be difficult. I wish the days could change from time to time.
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  18. dirtlimo


    Thanks man! You still running ICON suspension parts? I have read some good things about their stops.
  19. dirtlimo


    So its been a while and I have swapped a few things out. Since I had the AEV 4.5RS installed I have felt that the JK rode a little rough off road. I felt on road she was "fine" although nothing special. So after a fair amount of research and debating I have made some changes. I now have the EVO...