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    White River National Forest Trip 7/12/19

    Trail Leader Craig Fisher Trip Dates 6 pm Friday, July 12 – Sunday, July 14th Trip Description Depart – Friday, July 12th at 6 pm We gather in Golden, CO of 1-70 exit 259 at the Kum and Go Gas Station across from T-Rex Park and Ride lot around 6 pm Friday. We will start with a brief...
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    Great Sand Dunes 6/28-6/30 Cancelled

    Trail Leader Matt Kepler (845) 216-1689 Trip Dates Friday, 28 June – Sunday, 30 June Trip Description This trip will take Rocky Mountain Overland into the heart of the Sangre De Christo Mountains. We will be meeting at the town of Westcliffe...
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    No Excuses 6/15/19

    It's time to once again kick off the season with our first camping trip of the year. The weather hasn't been cooperating but one our members scoped out the campsite and said the trail is open to at least our usual spot. Everyone seems to have an excuse to not go on an overnight trip, it's too...
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    Out Of The Heat, Into The Fire 7/6-7/8

    The Front Range is causing a lot of us to melt so it's time to get away for a cooler climate. At the same time the high country, and for the most part, the entire state is under a fire ban. There are a couple counties not in lockdown and Larimer County outside of Fort Collins is one of them...
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    Overland Expo 2018 5/17-5/22

    **Justin Pascarella has volunteered to lead this trip. Thanks Justin! For those of you attending or thinking about going to the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ or just looking for an adventure, I'm planning on leading a small group on a road trip to the expo and back with camping and...
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    2018 Arizona Adventure 3/28-4/1

    Originally I had planned on doing El Camino del Diablo at the end of March but, thanks to Craig, realized the road will be closed for wildlife mating. I canceled that trip and putting this one up instead. The plan is to head to southern Arizona chasing the warmth. We will start on the southern...
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    Salida for Labor day

    We are going to head down to the Salida area for Labor day weekend. The plan is to get in the area Friday evening and start exploring Saturday morning. This trip will be a little bit free form but we will start heading back Monday afternoon. While I expect this to be a fairly tame trip and...
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    Colorado BDR Part 2 July 14th-16th

    A couple years ago we started the Colorado BDR and run it from the Wyoming Boarder to I-70. This time we are going to pick up where we left off and see how far we get. The plan is to start on I-70 and head as far south as we can until we need to turn east and head home Sunday. More information...
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    Ford 250 Based Raptor

    If the standard raptor isn't big enough, how about the Super Raptor or Mega Raptor.
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    Turning off traction control on Chevy Colorado

    Some tricks to override the computers main system.
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    Running from the law...backwards

    Something seems a little off here.
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    Chevy Colorado Prerunner

    For anyone thinking about converting a Chevy Colorado into a desert race truck, this has to be one of the most bad ass transformations ever.
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    Jumping A 23,000lb Truck

    How do you get air in a 23,000lb truck?
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    No Excuses Camping Trip 6/10/17

    The annual No Excuses Camping Trip is back! Everyone seems to have an excuse to not go on an overnight trip, it's too far, too long, too cold, rig not ready, whatever. Well there is no excuse for missing this trip, it's a single night just south of Fairplay. The only hard part of this is...
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    Recovery Class 6/10/17

    This is the class for everyone who couldn't make the last one last year. The plan is to meet at the Shell gas station in Fairplay at 10:00 and head to the trail from there. This is a hands on class so bring any recovery gear you have, gloves, and lunch. We will go over different pieces of kit...
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    2017 Jeep Safari Concepts

    Here they are...
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    New spin on rtt

    I like the concept.
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    The most complicated air intake ever.

    The new 2017 Land Rover Discovery offers a lot of tech, what you may not realizes is the engineering that went into the the air intake.
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    El Camino del Diablo 3/28/18-4/1/18

    The Devils Highway spans 250 miles along the Arizona-Mexico boarder. Once a link between the northwestern frontier of Mexico and colonies of California, today it stands as a marker of history. The landscape has changed little since the coming of early Spanish explorers, who chronicled their own...
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    February Meet-up

    We are moving this months Meet-up to Wednesday do to Valentines day being on Tuesday. I hope to see you all there. Odyssey Beerwerks Feb 15, 7:00-9:00 5535 W 56th Ave #107 Arvada, CO 80002