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17 F-150


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Hey all.
Joined the board before I deployed, and now I'm back on friendly soil. Picked up a new F150 to pull daily driver and get away vehicle duties.
When I brought it home 2 weeks ago.

Two days later, it got some of this...

With help from the missus..

And after we put on the Readylift struts with 2.5 in lift, Icon UCAs, and Discoverer ST Maxx tires with Method wheels..

And added a Softopper for covering any gear while keeping the ability to use it as a truck..

And then put it to work taking the family on a needed 3 day get away.

More mods are planned but this is what we budgeted for so far.
So far, great street manners. Haven't had a chance to get it really dirty yet, but that time will come soon!


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I can see the pics. Looks like they are hosted by Google, so you probably need to be logged into a Google account to see them.

Morris Yarnell

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Thanks Matt. I am sure I am going to see it in 'person' and that is really the best to appreciate the vehicle and the new member.