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2013 Silverado with Wildernest


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Hi All, I bought the truck almost a year ago. It was a stripped worked truck with rubber floor mats and the manual transfer case and not much else. It's got a the 5.3L, 6 speed automatic (I do wish manual had been an option), and a factory locker in the rear. In the past year I have put a 3" lift, made a front bumper with a removable winch, installed and completely rebuilt the wildernest camper, added a second battery and electrical panel, and made a removable storage / slide out table for the bed.

This summer we took it up just about every other weekend and it's great for a family of 4. (2 kids up top and wife and I in the bed) We can setup and break camp in <10 minutes and have plenty of space. We did devil's head / rampart range, Zappata Falls / Great sand dunes, Medano pass, Dinosaur UT, Wind river range WY, grand mesa among others. Here are some pics.

Thinking about doing a winter trip once we get some real snow.


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Beautiful! You found the right group of folks, too. The meet and greets are a good place to get face to face before heading into the wilderness with us like minded adventurers. Hope to see you soon!


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Thanks. I signed up for the one in January. Hopefully it's more towards the south end of town so I can make it (live in down south in Parker).
BTW, I read your eclipse trip report and we took almost the exact same trip and the same time. We have probably seen each other at dinosaur, vernal, flaming, etc and just didn't know it. :)