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2016" Tacoma custom bed drawers with water system


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Custom set of truck bed drawers for a third-gen Tacoma shortbed. Can't confirm if it will fit earlier generations.

The whole frame and sides of the drawer are built from 3/4" plywood and are extremely sturdy and coated with spar urethane. The two small wings flip up to give access to the side storage compartments. I have handles for the wings that aren't installed in the pictures. The frame is secured to the Tacoma's D-rings near the tailgate with two turnbuckles. I've bounced around quite a bit and they're more than sufficient. The internal dimensions of the drawers are 7 1/2" tall x 16"wide x 37" deep. The sides of one of the drawers are cut short by about 5/8" to allow for the installation of a flip-open lid that would serve as a work surface when the drawer is open, but I never got around to installing one. There is a removable stop so that the drawers do not pull all the way out. The slides are made from square steel tubing and run on skateboard bearings. They aren't as smooth as the Blum softclose slides on your custom kitchen, but they open nicely even when heavily loaded. The latches are kind of cheesy, but they work; if I were to keep the drawers I'd replace them with some metal ones from Amazon. The top panel rests on the wheel wells and fits snugly between the bedsides. The system won't install with a topper on the truck, but you could trim the sides to allow it to go in and out with a topper installed.

The water system consists of a Frontrunner Outfitters 16 gallon plastic tank hooked up to an auto-on water pump. The valves you see in the pictures are designed so that, in one configuration, you can draw water from a water source so that you don't have to lug gallons of water up to the tank that sits between the wheel wells. Just hook up the fill hose with a filter and turn the pump on with the power button and the system will draw water. Note - the filter is not something that will sanitize your water; it's simply there so you don't suck anything into the pump. Reverse the orientation of the water valves and the pump will spray water from the same hose hookup. One of the valves is broken, but I have a replacement. The auto-on feature will shut the pump off when the valve is closed (so, if you're using a garden hose sprayer, the pump will turn itself off when you let go of the handle to stop the flow.) The pump is pretty strong and will spray water about 15 feet from a garden hose sprayer. All you'll have to do is run a fused line from the battery to the little storage compartment in the bed to run power to the pump. The water system alone cost about $350.

The mattress is made from two layers of foam - one dense (bottom) and one soft (top) and the cover is a fairly heavy duty futon cover. Considering how simple it is, it's actually extraordinarily comfortable. It fits edge-to-edge in the Tacoma's bed.

I had originally covered the top in a rubber mat, but it never adhered properly to the plywood surface so I took it off and scraped the glue so that it's a bare surface. You can still see some of the glue I couldn't get off of one of the wings. If I were to keep the drawer system, I would buy a sheet of diamond plate and screw it down to the surface. The drawers were only used with a topper, and I wouldn't recommend running them without a topper or tonneau cover. Even though the wood is coated with polyurethane, lots of water exposure would likely damage the wood.

This is a great system for truck camping/overlanding. Having your gear accessible in the drawers and not having to rearrange anything to cook or sleep saves a ton of time at your campsite. Sadly, I no longer own the truck and have no need for the drawers.

Pics in craigslist ad here: https://denver.craigslist.org/pts/d/arvada-2016-tacoma-custom-bed-drawers/6898629698.html