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2017 Jeep Safari Concepts


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Hahaha! A 5.2L ZJ with a 3" lift and fender flares is a "concept". They're really phoning it in this year.:rolleyes:
All those concepts look like head-turners, but nothing I'd actually spend money to own. Well, maybe that Compass, but nothing day-dream worthy. Like remember the Hurricane? 16 cylinders (two hemi's) and 4 wheel steering? The Kaiser thing, J-12 and Mighty FC?

Maybe this year they're looking for interest in what to put in the MOPAR aftermarket catalog instead of what kind of vehicles might be underserved in the market. It took them a decade of truck concepts before they were convinced that there's a market for a tiny truck (even a taco is the same size as an 80s F250 any more, so there's definitely a market).