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2018 APRS Balloon launch schedule

As you may have seen before, I've posted upcoming APRS balloon launches. There are a good opportunity to hone APRS skills and or Ham skills, and you can participate in a number of ways. You can listen in to comms, track the balloons directly with your APRS rig, or follow the balloons on the web with aprs.fi . Our preflight nets (8pm the prior night) and comms are receivable in most places around the Denver area, so you are welcome to listen and check in. You can also get more directly involved by coming out to the launch or follow us on the tracking expedition.
One of the feedbacks has been not enough notice, so I'm going to post our preliminary schedule here now. However, you should always check for the latest at www.eoss.org

Flight # Date Launch Site Customer
EOSS-267 02-24-2018 Windsor EOSS Fun Flight
EOSS-268/269 03-17-2018 Deer Trail NSSTI/Estes Park HS/Montclair Elem
EOSS-270/271/272 04-07-2018 Eaton CU Gateway/COSGC
EOSS-273/274/275 04-14-2018 Windsor Metro State Univ.
EOSS-276 06-16-2018 Napa ID GPSL
EOSS-277 07-14-2018 Windsor BIRST
EOSS-278/279 07-28-2018 Deer Trail COSGC
EOSS-280/281 08-11-2018 Windsor CU Science Discovery

I will try to post further details to this thread as the flights get closer. Let me know if I can clarify or if you have any questions!
EOSS-277 Will launch from Deer trail tomorrow morning at 7 am. You can hear the pre-flight net tonight at 8 pm on the 449.225 MHz Rocky Mountain Hams repeater (141.3 tone if you would like to check in). During the flight (7-11 am tomorrow) you can monitor tracker operations on 448.450 MHz PPFMA repeater.
You can track the balloons on the web at aprs.fi/ke0bmv-11 or aprs.fi/k0scc-9.
For full details on the flight go to EOSS-277