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4000+ Miles Through The West

Travis E.

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I had a bit of vacation time and haven't taken much time off in over a year, and not a day off since moving to Colorado late last year.

My vacation would start by going with some folks from RMO Denver to Expo West then to San Diego, Ventura, Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and then back to Denver.

Here we are after arriving in Flagstaff. I really like the Northern part of Az. and haven't been in a number of years.

This was my first time using my "camp kitchen". It was a bit crowded where we were parked, and I'm glad because I met a bunch of great people!

I ran into a friend from Ca. who lives in Flagstaff and he invited me to camp with them in a remote location (the others had already headed back to Denver) which was great because it was SO damn windy at the Expo. The trees blocked most of the wind and it was a great spot with no one but us around.

I arrived in San Diego just as the sun was setting, my friend lives 2 blocks from the beach and the weather was great!

I had to rearrange some stuff on my rack and also raise the rear of the rack from the mounts because my fly rod holder was rubbing on the roof. I had to do this work in front of his neighbors garage in the alley. The interesting thing was that he said if we needed to leave, one of us would have to stay and watch the stuff because stuff disappears in the alley. While working on the roof of the Jeep, a truck abruptly stopped and I watched as the went to grab my tent (seen to the left) when I whistled for them to look around, they noticed me on the roof, waved, and put the tent back. They were moving quick!



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Travis E.

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Next stop was Ventura County where I grew up and wanted to see some friends then visit my family. A friend of mine wanted to take a little drive so we went to the top of a super rutted hill where we can see the ocean.

There was a minor issue on our way up the hill and the major issue was that I unloaded all of my stuff in his garage to reorganize my belonging, including my tools.......what an idiot!
With the sway bar end-link bent over my tie rod, I tried using my hi-lift to bend it out of the way so I could steer a little better, I didn't do a very good job but made it back to his place (approx. 15 miles). The local hardware store had some 1/2-20 all-thread so I made a new link and I was back in operating order.

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Travis E.

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I stopped at my favorite bar it Acton Ca. to see Eli Locke play a few songs before heading to the Sierras.

I explored Kennedy Meadows and Golden Trout Wilderness which have some decent trails and stayed the night. This area is located on the Southern end of the Eastern Sierras.

I headed up to the Mammoth area to go to my favorite camp spot to fish. They had a pretty good winter this year and the trail was still covered with snow. I had to turn back before the switchbacks and lake to camp in a less desirable spot. I spent a couple of days between Mammoth and Lee Vining to fish and explore.


Travis E.

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Next stop was Idaho. I'm a sucker for country bars and met someone here for a couple of beers that I met at the Expo.

Did some fishing and had a little bit of weather roll through.

Travis E.

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I drove around Yellowstone looking for Yogi Bear without any luck. I decided to do some fishing and Ralph wanted a picture with the Bison....

I set up camp in Grand Teton for the next days adventures.


Travis E.

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I had really been slowing down with the pictures over the past few days so here is a little excursion through the South end of Wyoming into Utah. What could go wrong?!?!

In my own sick ways I was glad to have a little bit of excitement! I intended on driving as far as I could along the water because there was no clear trail..... With the use of most of my recover gear, I was out of this suction, swamp, quicksand like mess in a couple of hours.

It was so bad, the more I dug my Maxtrax out, the deeper it sunk. I had to pull the damn thing out with the Jeep!

I'm outta here!

This was looking back at Flaming Gorge. The South side was much nicer than the North, or so I though.

That concludes the pictures from this trip. I rarely take pictures during my trips and this was good for me. Hope you all enjoyed.