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4x4 camping close to Denver for this weekend.


Wife and I are looking to 4x4 camp near Denver this Friday. We'd likely leave in the morning to get a head start on traffic from Denver. Thinking Barbour fork (closed until June 16th) or slaughterhouse or similar for a 1 night trip as a shakedown run. Any other recommendations for close to Denver one night trips that aren't too high in elevation/snow? Views and sunshine would be nice too.


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Higher you go the better the views, also the more snow. ;)

Yankee hill has good camping high up and good views. Per a trip report on FR4x4 May 9th looked to be fairly dry except for the snow field that’s there every year which can be avoided.


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You mentioned Slaughterhouse, if you go a little farther and drop over Kenosha Pass and then go south, there is plenty of dispersed camping along those roads.