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Aeroforce Gauge


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I know this post is about a year old, but I have been using one about that long, so I thought I would add two cents.

I have it mounted in the center of my spod, where you can put an air pressure gauge or something similar. It has the ability to display info on just about any sensor the Jeep has, but I have found it to be more useful for some things than others. At a basic level it gives the ability to have a few more readings available at a glance than you have displayed on the instrument panel. Some of the highlights:
  • By far the most useful is an accurate reading of fuel level (as a percentage). The fuel gauge is way off on the optimistic side and I would rather have better numbers to use if I need to figure out if I have enough gas to get back from BFE. The stock gauge in my JK reads 3/4's when the sensor reports 60% half when it is actually 44%. So if you feel like it drops quicker on the bottom half of your tank, you are probably right.
  • It can be set to cycle through four screens of two data points, so eight readings in total. I have it cycle through MPG/Fuel Remaining, Oil Pressure/Oil Temp, Ambient Air Temp/Barometer, and Transmission Temp/Battery Voltage.
  • That barometer reading is in PSI and can be used as a rough altitude estimate. It's fun to drive to the top of Mount Evans and watch the number keep dropping.
  • The two lights at the top can be programmed to alert for any level of any reading. There are two alerts and each can include one boolean statement (AND/OR) so essentially you can have four settings that provide a warning light.
  • You can set tire size, gear ratio, and TPMS level. All quite useful.
Some of the other things:
  • I thought it would be cool to see real time HP and torque data. Nope, it changes way too fast to be useful as a display.
  • The gauge can be used as a data logger, but I have never done that.
  • Having two buttons to change settings means there is a lot of time invested in the set up. Lots of scrolling through screens full of options.
All in all I like it. I wouldn't call it essential, but it is useful.


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wow! $400! it seems to read all the same stuff as a scanguage or ultraguage and they have the power to read and clear engine codes for less than half the price of the aerotech.