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Anyone running a Subaru?

Hey guys,

Just wanted to reach out to see if anyone is running a Subaru in the group? I have a 2018 Crosstrek, thinking about doing a 2 inch lift along with all-terrain tires. Until I acquire a jeep/truck I wanted to see how far this might take me. Interesting video I included as well on potential of some Subaru's.


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Nick, a Subaru will go plenty of places. I’ve done the COBDR trail from Gypsum to Wyoming and a Subaru would have been fine. Back over Labor Day we did a trip over Medano Pass and the Elephant Hill area: a Subaru would have probably been OK. There was one muddy hole that may have been interesting and Hancock Pass was ridiculously rocky.
Yes I think trails that are not super technical would be fine. I think the weak link is going to be the CVT. The jury is still not out on the durability of the CVT transmission in the newer Subarus. It seems engine power is cut in situations where the transmission may get damaged in technical spots where you'd likely benefit from throttling your way through. I havent seen a lot of video footage of anyone hard wheeling a crosstrek yet. The guys at Fastlane on YouTube had issues when they were testing an Outback but not sure if it was due to failure to disable traction control properly.

The mods I'd like to do would be:
-Lift springs for a 1.5-2 inch lift
-mount stock size all terrain tires to maintain fuel economy
-install class 3 hitch and hitch basket for hauling more cargo
-install roof crossbars for additional storage options/possibility of rooftop tent
-install functional tow anchor points in the front and rear.
-maybe an aftermarket bumper to install a winch(only a few options available)

I'm under a factory powertrain warranty until 6 years or 100k miles and I only have 8k on the car so far so I'm unsure about messing with suspension geometry and potentially losing a warranty claim. Even though Subaru dealers are installing lifts unless it's done by them they will likely blame a problem on modification of the suspension.

Thank you guys for the suggestions on suitable trails. I'd like to join on a trip, however dont want to be the weakest link causing slowdowns or delays either.