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Auxiliary Lights - What should I get?

Alright, lets have the extra lights conversation. First of all, I have no intention of tricking my jeep out with excess light bars and headlights or whatever, but I have ran into a few occasions where I wished I had amber lights and side spot lights when on the trail, especially looking for a camp site. I already have some sweet JW Speaker headlights that work really well and have been an excellent purchase. I don't want to go with a light bar, I don't need that much light and its expensive, but I do want windshield lights that point to the side for added visibility. The ambers I want will be attached on my front bumper. I prefer to keep the looks consistent and go with a round light. Also, cost vs performance. If I don't have to spend $200 on a pair of lights that would be great. They also need to not suck as well.

What are some suggestions?


Sounds like you have the same philosophy on lighting as me.
I also went with the excellent JW main headlights and they are all I need most of the time. Excellent light and road legal for everyday use that is 95% of the time.
Then I added some chepo ebay lights on the bumper for off road side visibility. Nice for spotting campsites at night but I would go with a better brand next time since the cheapo ($50/pair) floods are only effective at short range, <20m (70ft). I do prefer having them on the bumper so there's no reflection off the hood blinding me. Also in some states hood lights can be a ticket if they're not pointed low and forward. If they're mounted below the mains they are usually considered fog lamps that have much more latitude (but still don't use them on road).
Since the cheapos weren't very bright I also added some small Rigid 2x2 spot cubes on the bumper. Off-road only but they do a nice job of widening the vision cone at distance.

You really don't need a lot. Just add a bit in the right spots. This is a good combination overall but I'll probably upgrade the cheapos and add underbody light for crawling and camping.
Correct on the cheap lights. I have a few of those amazon lights on my roof rack for camp lighting that are perfect for that purpose. The JW's are really really good most of the time, its that 5% when I'm on the trail looking for a good camp site and I need some light at a 45 degree angle on either side. The question is do I go with the fancy KC lights or Hella, or something else.

Also, I plan on mounting them with the rugged ridge elite fast track mounting system. Check out the link:


I'm not going to fill it with lights, but I like the options of attaching stuff to them. I could see using a GoPro, another antenna, and it looks like I can attach mirrors when I take off the doors. Looks like there are a lot of options, not just lighting.

Any thoughts?

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ever thought about a hand held spotlight? Just plug it in an outlet to use only when off road looking for that 'best' campsite. Movable and able to be directional.
Yes. But I drive a 6 speed and need both hands and I don't necessarily want to stop to use the light. Plus, its more stuff I will have to carry than an external light.

Morris Yarnell

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Wait, so what you're telling me is that you wait so long to look for a camp that it is dark and you are driving so fast that you have to have both hands on the wheel as you whiz through the area that you cannot even slow down, put it in first or second gear and hold a spot light to look for a camp site?


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We are adding this to our setup as we already have the job site blower.

DEWALT 20V MAX LED Work Light, Pivoting Head (DCL043) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SKOCRCW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_MddpEb51B0QSP

I want something I can grab and walk around a potential campsite as well as use for night time trail repairs just in case. I am also looking to add a ladder light for the alu cab and some side lighting to the roof rack. We currently have these guys and for the money they work amazing.

Auxbeam 4" LED Pods 18W Flood LED Light Bar 1800lm Driving light Off Road Lights for SUV ATV UTV Trucks Pickup Jeep Lamp (Pack of 2) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00T62RK1U/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_CgdpEbYTYCD1J

Morris Yarnell

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I also have the blower by DeWalt and have also gotten a DeWalt battery chainsaw. I charge the batteries at home, before a trip, but did get the charger that plugs in to my vehicle in the event that the batteries do discharge to a non-usable level.
I have used the chainsaw at home for a few projects and it is a great device. Other longer chain arms are available but I think I will stay with the 12 inch it came with as that size is capable enough to go though most items I need to saw.
Went on a trip a while ago and one of the guys had a battery saw and was able to clear a path for us as a tree (12 inch) had fallen in our way. Was great to watch it work.
For lighting:
Got some of these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0765BRPBJ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Saw them used by Jeff last trip.
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Wait, so what you're telling me is that you wait so long to look for a camp that it is dark and you are driving so fast that you have to have both hands on the wheel as you whiz through the area that you cannot even slow down, put it in first or second gear and hold a spot light to look for a camp site?
So, funny story, last winter I was on an icy hill looking for a place to camp and had to slow down to what I thought was a good spot. Turns out it wasn't but because I slowed down and lost momentum i slid off the road into a ditch. The ensuing recovery took me about an hour of digging and winching, which by then it was 10pm. So those lights would have been helpful.

Also, I like doing electrical, and I like it when lights come on when I push a button. If I could install a joystick with an light actuator that turns, I would do that too because its fun!

You're not wrong, but I'm looking for another project....

Morris Yarnell

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So, unfortunate situation. Sorry to hear about that episode. Yes I was attempting humor but in real life things don't always go as planned. Were you solo and spent that time trying to figure out how it went south so fast?
I got your point about the lights.
There used to be spot lights available that went through the side of the vehicle (near the door) that could be aimed from inside by a handle, often used on police cars. Haven't seen one in years.