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black widow drawer systems


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out of australia and often sold through tjm dealers, this is another option to the arb drawers. there are different grades of drawers available. the one i got was the travelmate version.

it's considered an entry model to drawer systems although like other drawer systems, it is not cheap. i managed to get mine on closeout from a dealer and it was still almost a grand. it's of a lighter grade steel than their premium drawers, which is said to save 25% on weight, but as i loaded it into my rig, you could've fool me.

hardware is quality which is very nice since i did a poor job reading the directions in a couple spots and had to pull some stuff apart and redo it. fitment between panels is spot on, if a panel was supposed to bolt to another panel, it did with no issues. the nutserts used had recessed threads, which helps to center the bolt and avoid crossthreading. the unit itself seems plenty durable enough. the roller bearings are very smooth and the drawers feel strong. i haven't loaded them down yet, so we'll find out later how well they hold up to some weight. the handles seem sturdy and engage solidly and
the storage is lockable (if you have the keys).

that said...as mentioned, the keys were missing and i was short on some hardware and over on other stuff. the "wing kit" that finishes off the sides is a vehicle specific add on, so the hardware for that is in a different bag than the drawer assembly hardware, but my bag only had the stuff to mount the drawers to the vehicle, not the 8 screws to mount the top side pieces nor the 6 screws to mount the front panel. fortunately, i was over on five of the screws from drawer assembly, so the fronts are done and a trip to aaa metric got me the screws for the top panels.

the front trim pieces were confusing also. the long one for the two boards over the main drawers only fits with the large side that screws down facing up, but the side pieces had etching on that side, so they would need to face down.

there's also a large gap between the top boards and the top of the drawer (visible in the picture). hopefully won't be too much of an issue, but i may put a piece of rubber there to keep the dirt out.

the instructions are for the drawers, with a separate page for vehicle specific parts (mounting and wing kit), and being universal, sometimes discuss hardware that's not there. i was easily able to wing it on that part.

finally, one of the crossbraces that actually mounts everything to the floor was for a different model. i'll contact my dealer to see about getting the correct crossbrace and the keys (not going to hold my breath since they are out of country tho) and i'll report back about customer service.


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Looks nice.

I love my drawers. Mine aren't vehicle specific (it's an Explorer- nobody makes squat for it) so I really winged it. But that open area next to it allows me to put stuff there. I swear now I carry more stuff and it takes up less space than my storage solution I had before.


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they are expensive for the heavy duty ones (which is what i would need) so my white 80 just had cubbys without drawers, but it sucks to get stuff out of the back. these don't use sliders, it's rectangular stock that fits into roller bearings.


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^same with my ARB drawers.

I know I couldn't replicate anything anywhere close to as nice as my ARBs without it weighing 5 times as much.

IMO, expensive but worth it.


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i always thought about trying to build a set. i know the drawer sliders are pretty expensive, though for those longer drawers.
When I built a drawer setup in my Tahoe I used 3/4" wood, which was heavy as hell but I used some standard 100 pound 28" sliders and they worked well. I had a decent amount of weight in them and never had any issues. They cost ~$20 for a set (one drawer). I figured if they didnt work I could always do something else, but they held up fine. These are the ones I used. I wouldnt be able to stand on the drawers when they were extended, but didnt see the need to either.

If I built drawers again, I'd use some thin wood and resin for the joints to keep the weight down but wouldnt hesitate to use those sliders again.


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After seeing those drawers on at the Meet and Greet I was pretty impressed. They are beefy and solid, I wouldn't have any concerns with ordering some if I needed something.