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COBDR pt2 7/14/17


A great trip through beautiful scenery. Nothing too hard for driving but there were some large mud puddles and river crossings.
We met up at a campsite a bit north of Gypsome Friday night. 8 rigs and 9 people.
Saturday morning we started south from there on the trail through the White River NF. Some very beautiful county on our way to Sylvan Lake State Park.

Almost lost a couple people at a turn there but managed to get them back on track after they were distracted by a good looking forest ranger ;)

We continued down to Hagerman pass and crossed it no problem.



Part 2

DSC02799.jpg DSC02817.jpg

After Hagerman pass we went to Leadville to gas up and camped that night a little bit south at the entrance of Weston pass.

The next day we went over the pass and hit a few trails there. It had rained the night before and there was plenty of mud. We had to rescue a trucker that had their trailer pop off the hitch and drag along the trail for 10'.

There were several lush narrow tails on this side.

Then we dropped down into Buena Vista. Here you can see the collegiate peaks.

Great trip and lots of fun.