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Colorado Springs to Moab


There is a couple of passes they mention but other than that they don't really talk about the route.


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I would be in for something like that. After RimRocker I'm ready for more. Would like to see the routes they took though.


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Agreed. It's ok if never done before but for me, most likely will explore other options.


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Agreed. It's either now (which is probably too late- and my cold weather gear isn't up to the task) or about the end of June or later.

You need the end of June for the snow to be gone, but it's starting to get hot that time of year out near Moab. I did the Rim Rocker the first week of June and it was 100 degrees in Moab when we got there. But I've done Red Cone the middle of July and Webster Pass was still blocked by snow.

We need a good snow pack to help with fire danger, but it does screw up opening those high mountain passes early.