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Discovery 2 Vs Gx470


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I’m getting into my first overland build.
I have a budget of $8,500
As the topic suggests I’m considering the Disco2 or Gx470 Open to other suggestions)

Purpose, I own a business and receive a passive income. I will be going to sporting events like Redbull Rampage here in Utah, and surf competitions on the west coast.
I need something that’s ideal for distance travel and storage. I also have a growing addiction for wildlife photography witch means camping for extended periods and driving into remote places.

I have driven my grandmothers GX and she absolutely loves it. It’s a great vehicle but I’m not completely sold. I have not driven a Disco of any kind, I have talked to owners and they may be biased. I have foolishly fallen for the disco’s looks and curb appeal.
This car will also be my daily driver witch is a joke because I work from home. I do go fishing, biking, snowboarding etc.. multiple times a week but all that’s less then 15 miles from home.

I understand to a small degree what owing a discovery 2 means.
I also know what owning a GX means since one has been in the family since new.

So I ask the more experienced audience for there opinion.