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El Camino del Diablo 3/28/18-4/1/18


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The Devils Highway spans 250 miles along the Arizona-Mexico boarder. Once a link between the northwestern frontier of Mexico and colonies of California, today it stands as a marker of history. The landscape has changed little since the coming of early Spanish explorers, who chronicled their own passage across the region leaving us clues to the hard life they faced.

More information on the trail is here: http://www.desertusa.com/desert-trails/diablo.html

The plan is to meet Wednesday morning and head to the phoenix area, we’ll find some primitive camping for the night. The next morning we’ll continue on to Yuma for our permits and get on the trail.

We will have several days on the trail and I expect to move at a moderate pace with opportunity to stop and look around.


Vehicle requirements:
The trail should be fairly easy with only 2 wheel drive required for most of it. Any stock high clearance 4x4 should be adequate to navigate the trail.

We will be in a remote desert for several days. In addition to the usual food and camping gear extra water should be considered. Consider 2 gallons per person per day. With the loose terrain sand ladders such as Maxtrax are a good idea but not required.

Ham radio’s are not required but like all of our trips highly recommended. If you don’t have your license it’s fairly easy to get. Backcountrycomms.com has more information.

When: 7:00am Wednesday March 28th - Sunday April 1st
Where: Sunmart Gas Station 18561 US-40, Golden CO 80401 / Wooly Mammoth Lot
Comms: Ham 146.550
RSVP Here: https://www.meetup.com/Rocky-Mountain-Overland/events/238365433/
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Well, not to take away from this great post, but in case anyone else was expecting something different, here you go.;)

That trip looks awesome! I look forward to the trip reports!:)


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I just talked to the ranger station and have a quick update.
1) The permit is free but we do need to watch a video.
2) We are limited to 5 vehicles in the group so it's first come first serve.
3) No firewood collecting is allowed so we need to bring our own.

I want to get a quick headcount on who's going. I know several of said yes but I just want to make sure.


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I just updated this for 2018

We are going to limit this to 10 vehicles do to trail restrictions.
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I wasn't able to make it last year but I think I can this year. I'm looking forward to exploring this area.