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Experienced RV Solar Installer

Does anyone know of anyone in Colorado experienced in RV solar installations?

I bought a new Solar Controller and batteries, and feel like I might be in a bit over my head.

Thanks in advance!



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I think the main challenge is that most installers would want to sell the components, too. Does the seller recommend anyone? Also, what brand/model of controller and batteries are they? I've done some marine solar install, but I bet someone here has done something more recently that could help if an actual installer won't help you out.


Did you get their 100watt rv/marine solar kit?
The install looks pretty straight forward. Mount panel to roof rack or set up portable panel, connect 2 low volt wires from panel to Controller. Then just run 2 wires from controller to the battery. It's almost like installing a battery in parallel. The controller does the thinking for you. The panel looks to be 21" x 47". Were you looking to mount it or store it and get it out at camp?


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Is the issue that you don't want to rip apart your interior and drill holes in the body yourself? I can totally understand that.


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I've done 2 successful solar installs. The LR3 is working perfectly. I can give you a hand! ;)