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Front Runner Stratchits


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I've been using these the last couple outing instead of ratcheting tie downs and I'm really impressed/happy with them. Basically they are a piece of nylon webbing with a bungee built in. The bungee enables the load to shift slightly with bumps and return to the original location without the straps loosening. They are easy to tighten and hold things really well.

They've worked so well I want to order more but Front Runner is out right now.



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You don't want it to shift but if you have two hard surfaces strapped down vibration or large bumps can stretch the strap and if it doesn't have enough elasticity it will slowly loosen. One way to solve the problem is to tighten the load so much you take the stretch out of the strap thereby holding it tight, the downside is it may deform what you're strapping. The other is to add enough elasticity that it doesn't matter, the downside is if you don't have strong enough elasticity for you're load it will bounce all over the place.

Of course if you strap something with give in it then that soaks up the energy instead of the strap and it doesn't matter.

Morris Yarnell

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Just looking at the link...I thought about the pic showing a plastic case. I would expect with force it would deform. The words of caution at the bottom of the link are
rather disconcerting.
Although they don't seem that expensive for the intended use.


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If i can look at them but i think that they would be easyto build. I used to do something along those lines with mountaineering axes. you can buy some tubular webbing and some bungy cord feed the bungy thru the webbing do a knot on a bite with a carabiner clip to whatever and poof as if by magic its done