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Good mechanical splice?


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Is there such a thing as a good mechanical (non soldered) splice? Can anyone recommend one? I need to connect the third brake light on a topper to the taillight wiring. 12v, 250 ma., 16ga wire. I can solder, but insulating the soldered joint always seems to end up with less than ideal results. Heat shrink tubing never seems to shrink quite right, and electrical tape doesn't seem to stick well enough to keep from coming loose, especially when subjected to the temperature swings seen the back of the truck.

I've used common butt splices before, but they offer no water resistance, and I'm always a little skeptical about their holding power. Any other ideas?


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I use marine shrink wrap from harbor freight. Has a sealant inside.


Use Mox tape rather than electrical tape as an option. There is mechanical crimping splices that are much more reliable.


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I ended up going to Harbor Freight. They had heat shrinkable butt connectors, and also mox tape. This store, at Alameda & 225, didn't have any marine heat shrink. Now hopefully this week I'll get to start using it.