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Great Sand Dunes 6/28-6/30 Cancelled


Staff member
Trail Leader
Matt Kepler
(845) 216-1689

Trip Dates
Friday, 28 June – Sunday, 30 June

Trip Description
This trip will take Rocky Mountain Overland into the heart of the Sangre De Christo Mountains. We will be meeting at the town of Westcliffe, about 55 miles West of Pueblo (see details below) and traveling South to CR 559 where we will begin the drive up to our first campsite atop Medano Pass. This section of the trail should be relatively well maintained and there are no major obstacles.
Saturday we will break camp and continue to follow the Medano Pass trial West towards Great Sand Dunes National Park. Obstacles include rock, sand, and several water crossings. The water crossings in the past have been very easy, however with the large amount of rainfall this winter, it is currently unknown what the conditions will be like. The road towards Sand Dunes will be becoming increasingly sandier but less rocky. Lunch will be at the Great Sand Dunes visitor center (or near it depending on parking) which will give the group the opportunity to check out the dunes and stretch before the next leg of the journey.
Once we’ve gathered back up, we will exit the park and start traveling north on several country roads up the town of Villa Grove where we will link up to the Hayden Pass Trail. Road conditions should be relatively maintained, however, be prepared for more water runoff. Depending on the time and distance covered, we will look for a suitable campsite for the night.
The next day, we will continue on Hayden Pass to Coaldale where CR 6 intersects with route 50 and end the expedition before midday.

Off-road Miles
~120 with some maintained and hardball roads

Trail Difficulty
Easy to Medium. Water crossings are an unknown, so expect higher than average run-off


Vehicle Requirements
High Clearance 4x4
Off-road capable tires (plus wheel key)
Full-size spare
Frame mounted tow points front and back
Consider Fuel consumption

Required Equipment
20,000+lb Tow Strap
2x Shackles

Minimum Recommended Equipment
Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit
Extra Water
Vehicle Unique Tools
Warm Emergency Clothing
Consider Fuel consumption

Ham Radio Comms
Primary 146.550
Secondary 146.580

Meeting Location/Time
Shell Gas Station
425 S 6th St
Westcliffe, CO 81252
N 38.13138, W -105.46368
6pm MST

Time to Trail Head
~20 miles/20 minutes