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How to send SMS via APRS


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Here is a writeup on how to send SMS to and from an APRS enabled radio. This should work with any APRS radio capable of sending messages.

System Overview:
How can someone send from one technology to another? In the case of APRS we use gateways. Gateways are hardware components setup by 3rd parties to act like a bridge between differing communication methods, in this case APRS and SMS. By sending a message to one of these gateways it will be retranslated to the other "side" and sent. Some of these gateways also support two way translation services so if you send an APRS message it's picked up by the gateway, translated, and sent as SMS and if it receives an SMS it's translated and sent as APRS.

To send a SMS from your radio send a message to "SMSGTE" with a message of @[phone number] [message]

KD0JAW-3>APRS:SMSGTE @3034561233 Just got into camp-no cell service

To send a SMS to you radio send a message to [smsgte number] @[callsign][SSID] [message]

Text Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Message: @KD0JAW-3 Let me know you are safe.

So how do you know what the SMSGTE phone number is? Simply send yourself a message and it will show up. Since this is an open gateway this keeps spammers from finding it on the net and using it.

After you have started a conversation you don't need to include the phone number or call sign. All messages you send will automatically go to the same phone number until there is 24 hours of inactivity or you add a new phone number.

There are more feature to the SMSGTE like Shortcuts but sometime it's better to keep it simple. If you really want to dive into SMS you can learn more at smsgte.wix.com

Let me know if you have any problems.
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Great info! Been studying for the ham test and looking at equipment all day!