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Wondering who has them in their rigs and how many watts is it, also is it mounted in there or something you can take out and throw into another car if needed. Been thinking of getting one since there is some stuff I need to charge on the trail and I would have no other way to do it


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The JK has a 150w built in. It's a little wimpy but I haven't had the need for anything more as of yet. If you are using it for sensitive electronics make sure you get a pure sine wave version.



I put a 1600 watt unit in mine wired directly to the second battery. It could be removed just not quickly and I don't know that I would want to. It's probably more inverter than we'll need but I like to have options.


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I have a little 200w cobra for my soldering iron if need be. Mounted to the back of my center console. I also use it to charge my DSLR battery as I don't have the car charger. Works well. Had it for 4 years.


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The Tacoma has a 150/400 watt if you have the TRD. Has an ac plug in the bed and I've wired these to my console

I've actually got a few extras if anyone needs them