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JD's '04 4Runner

So, my '93 Landcruiser needed a bunch of emissions work that I didn't have the cash for and didn't want to do myself. That led me to a 4Runner. After test driving a few different ones in 6 & 8cyl variants, as well as a mix of SR5's and Limited's, I ended up with this 2004 v8 Limited. It seems pretty loaded and had just under 200k miles when I got it. Now it's at 224k and I have no worries because it feels like it's just getting broken in. Although it's not nearly as capable as my Landcruiser was, I love this thing! It is a great daily driver and with a few upcoming mods, it will be an excellent off-roader, without losing it's on-road manners, so needless to say I'm looking forward to my 2018 summer mods. Lack of those mods didn't stop me from getting out in 2016 and 2017 though...
IMG_4283 (Large).JPG IMG_4313 (Large).JPG IMG_4314 (Large).JPG IMG_4330 (Large).JPG IMG_0151 (Large).JPG IMG_4662 (Large).JPG
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Got my LIFT done a few months back and finally got my rear LOCKER installed last weekend! I'm excited to run Red Elephant again! I might even make it up this time! LOL
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