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JD's '93 Landcruiser

Nothing special here, except that it's an 80 series ;)

How I got it... yuck!
3QTR ANGLE 1-30-14.JPG

How it sits now... much better. It's a little low in the rear because the old tires/wheels are loaded in the back.
New tires & wheels 4-15-14.jpg

I run a standard Cobra 18st CB for comm and I use MotionX on my iPhone for navigation until I come up with a better solution. So far this works. :cool:


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Looks good JD. When I saw the first picture I got a little worried about your taste, needless to say I was much relieved with the update. 80's are one of my favorites.
20's, but equally ridiculous.

Thanks. The front axle was a mess and the steering was literally coming apart so a knuckle rebuild and steering repair were the first things I did. No new birf axles though. They were out of the budget, but I'll need to save up $ because they're still clicking.


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My buddy with the 80 series Lexus didn't originally like his when he got it. He bought from a real estate agent and I guess it looked the part.

Then he visited Slee.

Now it's a pretty sweet rig.
Much better as a DD/weekend warrior than the 80. With a few mods it will be just a capable as the locked 80 for the weekend warrior duties, so win-win in my book.