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Jeep dash and radio short?

Here's a new one for you all. I have been having this problem for a week now.

My 2010 Jeep JKRU has been having radio and dash electrical issues. Start up has been fine, and there is no obvious issues with the engine. Basically, once I start moving the radio and dash start bugging out, lights flashing, radio will continuously turn on and off, buzzers sound.... It first appeared as if there is a bad connection on the battery terminals which I immediately checked and thought I found a loose ground. That didn't work. I further inspected all the terminal attachments and made sure they were tight. Still a no go. I plan on taking apart the whole battery assembly and checking continuity with all terminals just to make sure. As much as I would like to think it's not a rats nest under there, my battery situation is greatly complicated with a Genesis Dual battery system that I put in a year ago. Further more, because all my gauges are affected and everything is blinking, I still believe it is a battery connection issue or a short somewhere.

What else am I missing? Any other suggestions?


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Is your battery light come in at random? There is a idiot wire attached to the alternator that will trigger the battery light if it loses connection. Otherwise maybe a pinched harness. Internal ground behind dash. Best to track the wiring diagram for the radio and dash and see if there’s a common connection.