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Jerry Can and Water Solutions

Matthew G Kepler

New Member
Hey all,
Driving around in my 2010 JKRU with a Body Armor rear bumper and tailgate. I'm trying to figure out what to do with spare water and fuel for longer adventures but I'm not sure how to go about it... I am thinking about fabricating my own rear carrier out of aluminum to carry fuel and then some other type of holding tank or bladder that I can mount to my RhinoRack system that allows me to use a pump or just gravity to use water. My biggest concerns are:
- rear weight/sagging on the suspension
- higher tipping due to water on the top
- non permanent solutions

I need to do some more research and preliminary designs but if anyone has some experience with this I'm open to all ideas. I travel extremely light as it is, so I probably need to get over the weight issue but maybe there is something I am not thinking of...

- Matt

Morris Yarnell

Well-Known Member
I am willing to bet that the mfg. of your bumper has a solution to your issue. Check their site to determine the solution they might provide rather than making one yourself.

Morris Yarnell

Well-Known Member
Just received my WaterPort portable shower. It is designed to be affixed several ways, especially to a roof rack with round bars so it really isn't made to work on a Front Runner RR. I made a mounting system that still allows it to be portable but work on my FR rack.
Holds 3.5 gallons, could be an interesting addition.