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June 28 & 30 (fri and Sat) : Jefferson camping


I have a great spot to camp out around Jefferson. About hour and thirty to 2 hour drive.
Just getting a feeler out there for anyone who might be interested.

Sylvester C.

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Ahw Man!!! That sounds fun! I might not be able to make it this weekend :confused: I know that the group is planning a trip out to Great Sand Dunes National Park next weekend (29th-30th). I am waiting for them to post the information. I'll keep you posted if I can make it out this weekend!!!


Swapping this over to next weekend. Someone needs help moving.

You buy a truck and they come out of the woodwork haha.

I’m open for anything. If there is a trip people are planning I’m all into jumping in.

Morris Yarnell

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I did not see anything on the site about a trip. Where is it posted? Things like this possible trip might do well to be announced a bit longer than a week out.


I go out almost every weekend. Just throwing this out there is anyone is interested. :)


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Wife and I are heading out solo around red feather lakes area. I encourage everyone to look north due to the heavy snow fall in the southern part of the state. Probably going to take another month to clear out trails in the south.


Nice!... I might still head out to jefferson.. If I have reception Ill post up some cords.