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KoolerGel Reusable Ice Extender... The Ultimate Cooler Accessory


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The older I get, the harder it is for me to get excited about new products. After reading a few comments about KoolerGel, I decided I just had to give it a try. If you think about the blue ice pacs you keep in your fridge, this is the same idea... except on steroids. To start my experiment, I ordered a 2.4 oz. packet from Amazon for $12 and mixed a small quantity of the dry powdered mix into a clear plastic 1 liter "Smartwater" bottle. (Nothing is smarter than selling a liter of water for $3.50 but I digress). The $12 package of KoolerGel makes enough solution for twelve one-liter bottles. I then added a few drops of blue food coloring just for fun. The solution gelled so fast that the food coloring didn't have time to permeate the bottle! I then placed the two bottles of KoolerGel in my chest freezer which is set around zero degrees.

I used the two bottles in my Yeti "Roadie" cooler on a couple of trips and it seemed to work well both with and without ice. Yesterday, however was the ultimate KoolerGel test. We took an impropmtu trip to the airshow in Broomfield yesterday. My Yeti cooler had been sitting in the sun for an hour when I decided to bring it with us to the airshow. At 1:30 p.m., I put two one liter bottles of KoolerGel in the bottom of the 85 degree Yeti. We then put in an assortment of canned drinks and two liters of water and topped off the cooler with ice about an hour later. The cooler was opened repeatedly throughout the afternoon before being locked in a hot car. Once home, it was opened a few times including this morning when I put a thermometer inside.

Today at 4:00 p.m., the air temperature inside the cooler was hovering in the high 30's. More importantly, there was still an impressive quantity of ice in the cooler and a large portion of it was frozen directly to the bottle of KoolerGel! The picture says it all. Note: while I prepared my KoolerGel in bottles, I have ready about others who had good result using Ziplock Freezer Bags. We have also used the KoolerGel bottles alone with the Yeti and it has worked very well sans ice.

For $12, there is very little I have seen for better enhancing the effectiveness of a cooler. Check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/Trophy-Bag-Kooler-KoolerGel-Reusable/dp/B005Z7YZA4/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8


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Very impressive! While I love my fridge freezer we are always looking for better solutions for our old coolers as we still use them for drinks when we take out the pop up camper. Thanks for the review!


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Would be interesting to know how it compares with Jello??
The KoolerGel is unflavored and uncolored. That said, it would make for one heck of a Jell-O shot! Seriously, it is worth the $12.00 just to see how fast the solution sets up.


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Bought my pack and have a 2 liter and 2 20oz bottles in the freezer.

Coolers for life, yo!

And perhaps I'm not as easily assumed as John (unlikely) or I didn't get the water to powder ratio correct (more likely) or the food coloring added to the water before the powder was added, but mine didn't setup all that quickly. The 2 liter I was having my doubts it was even going to set up. And it never set up all that solid. The 20 oz bottles set up to a "solid" gel. But the 20 oz bottles also sat much longer before being placed in the freezer.

We shall see.
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So mine have been sitting in the freezer since. They all set up hard as a rock. I used 4 of the 20 oz bottles last night in the cooler used to brine the turkey. After being in the cooler for ~12 hours, they were still hard and cold.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Morris Yarnell

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When I used a cooler (before the ARB) we used water in clean milk cartons... frozen. Then when they melt the water can be used for drinking. It was a 2fer.