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Lake Powell legs April 6-13, 2019


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Lake Powell legs trip

When: April 6-13

Where: We will be meeting at the rabbit valley exit #2 off I-70 at the Utah border at 9am on the 6th. For those of you who want to go up Friday night there is camping on the south side of I-70 off this exit.

Approximate distance from Denver and back is about 1400 miles including a lot of off road miles.

This trip will be limited to 6 vehicles including myself.

Powell schedule

Sat night: blue notch

Sunday night: Goosenecks state park

Monday night: Alstrom Point

Tuesday night: Grand Bench

Wednesday night: Cottonwood canyon or Smokey mtn road

Thursday night: hole in the rock rd end of trail

Friday night: hole in the rock rd beginning unless a better spot is found.

Saturday: return home

Trail rating will be a 2-3 easy with a few difficult obstacles but can be higher rated with rain.

Daily drive time will vary by day but I will be looking to set up camp for the night between 4-6 pm.

Minimum Vehicle Requirements

- What does everyone need to have? o Winch points

o 4 Wheel drive

o Minimum water

o Cell phone

o Full size spare tire

o GPX file reader – GAIA o Tow Straps

GPX file can be emailed directly to each member attending.

We will be traveling in Bears ears and Grand staircase national monument. Primitive camping every night. As required by both of these areas you must pack out everything including human waste. Please bring some type of facilities like a portable toilet or clean waste system. We will be passing through a couple towns where we can dispose of trash.

Grand staircase requires a permit which is free, you can either get one ahead of time or at the big water visitor center. I am planning on checking in with the rangers at Big water Utah to check last minute road conditions and will be getting my permit there as that will give us a better indicator of where we can go. Weather is always a factor in road conditions.

Important links and information.

Grand staircase:


Bears Ears


Grand staircase road report:

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Morris Yarnell

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I'm in. I am sure we will have a meeting at Rabbit to confirm trail rules. Will get my permit when we get to Big Water VC. Will leave on 5th and camp at Rabbit.
Current, road report indicates quite a few road closures in that area, could be interesting adventure.
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Last time Jenn, Neil and I were there the roads were completely dry. More of a dust bowl. That was in March.



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Looks like it will be a great trip Brad! Sorry I won't be able to make it. Event Report with pics!

Keith Bieschke

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We are thinking of hitting this area on the return trip from Overland Expo West this year. Can you post up the gpx files of the routes you planned?

Thank You,