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Little Froze Road......Trip


Took a day trip to catch some fall color. About six miles north of Lake Isabel on CO Hwy 165 is FR360, the Ophir Creek Road. Just after leaving Hwy 165 if you turn left it leads to the FS Ophir Creek Campground. Be advised you pass a commercial campground before reaching the FS camp. A short ways in on FR360 there is a Y - go left to stay on FR360 which is wide, gravel and OK for 2WD cars. Stay on FS360 and it will intersect CO Hwy 69 near Gardner.
If you hang right at the Y you will be on Little Froze Road, FR364 which is gravel/rock/dirt and narrow. It does get muddy at times, 4WD recommended. FR364 climbs for a while then intersects FR401, Deer Peak Road. FR401 is steep and narrow and rough enough to be interesting. It can be muddy and 4WD is required even when dry. FR401 runs thru a variety of forest, meadow and terrain features. The summit is about 11K feet and has some outstanding views: Eastern plains, Pikes Peak, Sawatch Range and the Wet Mtn Valley and Sangres.
There are other FR trails that branch off FR364 and FR401 but we did not check them out on this trip. There are several good primitive camp sites along both roads.
FR401 eventually intersects FR360 and another road that leads to near the summit of Greenhorn Mtn. At this intersection FR360 becomes the Gardner Road which ends at HWY 69.
Easy to spend a day in this area, maybe two.
Start of FR364:

FR364 mandatory vehicle pic:

Pikes Peak from Deer Peak FR401:

Wet Mtn Valley and Sangres from FR401:

Intersection FR401 and FR360 at summit:


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I (and the dogs) really like that area. Looks like good times! Get it in before the snow starts flying.