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Medical Bags and Supplies on your trip

A recent conversation has started on what the basic first aid kit should be on any rig for any trip. I have a pretty comprehensive bag that I have been building through my time in the military and EMT school. What do you guys carry? Any interesting equipment that could be overland specific?


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I have a pretty comprehensive bag that I have been building through my time in the military and EMT school. What do you guys carry? Any interesting equipment that could be overland specific?
I am woefully underprepared. I have a very small kit. Not even sure what’s in it. Wouldn’t know how to use it if I did. I doubt there is much that is “overland specific”. Maybe stuff to treat the injury for a longer period of time due to the possibility of being in a remote area. What that would be exactly, got me.

I’ve been more of a “rub some dirt on it” kind of guy. If I was faced with a more serious injury, I’d be screwed.
Good call Tom. This is something that I think would be very beneficial to the RMO group and anyone else who drives in the mountains. I'm working on my own list that I will post at some point.


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I will post a list of my kit as well. With some pics. I can say I like the spring tail solutions bag but it needs more pockets.
Sorry for not getting this out sooner, I was away from a computer most of the weekend.

Let me first state that most of my kit is intended for trauma treatment; injuries sustained from accidents on the road or on the trial from accidents like broken arms or legs, cuts, wounds, and falls. If you are feeling sick, the best way to treat that is to turn around and get off the trail. My kit can't do much for you on that one. The goal is to stop the bleeding, stabilize the patient, and give enough care so that they can get to higher level treatment. I am a registered EMT and have extensive military combat medical training, so this kit it pretty extensive. However, there are still a few items that I probably need to include to make it a little more robust.

Here's my list:

BP cuff
pocket mask
tourniquets (3 tension and 1 rubber band)
nasopharyngeal airway
sam splint (x 2)
neck brace
trauma sheers
assortments of gauze and quick clot
assortment of bandages
chest seal
assortment of band-aids
assortment of medical tape
alcohol preps
iodine swabs
latex gloves
iodine tablets
assortment of chem lights
VS-17 panel marker
dedicated headlamp

Hope this give some ideas to what you can carry. This is probably way too much for the average overlander, but the last thing we need is someone rolling their rig and breaking their arm.

Glad I did this because there are a few things I would like to add: neosporin, eye drops, assortment of needs, tweezers, advil, tylonole, imodeum, suture kit....

Let me know if anyone has any questions about why I have this stuff or opinions on what they should or should not carry.
Not even for air pickup. I got stuck once in the back ranges of Ft Bragg and put a marker out so that the guy towing me out knew where to turn and find me. Imagine being out trying to explain to someone how to get to some obscure trail in the middle of no where. These VS-17 panels can be spotted from a long distance because it stands out from typical earth colors. Chem lights are also great too. I've used them once when meeting some friends at a camp site who weren't going to be there until after dark. I marked the turnoff with a 12 hour chem light and they were able to find us with no illum. I suggest everyone getting a 2' by 2' piece of panel and a box of red light (not flares, they light things on fire) and keeping them under your seat or wherever.

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I carry a roll of caution tape to tie a bit to a branch or pole. I have also used it to 'fence' off my camping area when I am close to a path of travel when camping. It is bright yellow and does stand out against virtually any background of natural color.
I do have some bright pink/orange fabric that I sourced from an apartment complex that was used to make their huge flags. They were replacing them with new flags and were about to discard them and I asked to have them, they were glad to accommodate me. I will cut and sew them into 24 x 24 markers like you suggest, for visibility. Thanks for the tip.
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