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Mosquito Pass, how technical is it?


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heading out to leadville in maybe 30 minutes (should've checked earlier), but was thinking about taking 285 to Fairplay and taking Mosquito pass over to Leadville. How technical is it? I see its a 3-4 on traildamage, but is it going to be a long ass slow going trail or should I just take the boring 70 route and maybe do Mosquito pass on Sunday?


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Definitely a long ass slow boring bumpy trail. I wouldn't say it's technical. I wonder if it's even open yet.


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Tom. It's open. Kat and I did little over half of it from Leadville the took a trail off of that. We talked to ppl that came from FairPlay side


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I did Weston Pass. It was a pretty nice area with nice scenery. Figured out that was the same area we camped in last year on the way to the Alpine Loop.
It was probably not any quicker than going south and around back to Leadvillle. The east side was graded and nice up until you got closer to the pass, then it was a bit more bumpy and rocky. The West side of the pass was not graded, and more dips, bumps and rocks.


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After the No Excuses camping trip we tried unsuccessfully to open Weston. It was a pain and a lot of snow. I'm glad you didn't have any problems.