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Need a place to rebuild and swap a TCase


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Long story short is after the 1600 mile trip a week or so ago to move out here my tcase bearings started to make some noise. I picked up a used case and have a rebuild kit coming. I’ve got all my tools to do the rebuild and swap but currently have no place to work on my jeep and do not wanna spend the astronomical prices to have a shop do it for me when I’m fully capable. Secondly is with my jeep being all modified by me I’d like to not have a shop deal with it. So if anyone has a flat driveway and wants to help out I’d be more then happy to throw down a case of beer and or some cash for the helping hand. I’ll be coming to the meet and greet next Tuesday as well just so I can get to know some new folks and learn more about the off-roading here.