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NMO Mount for Tacoma


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I poked around the Internet trying to find an NMO fender mount for my 2015 Tacoma. A couple options popped up, including a mount from West Crystal Company Ltd. At first I was a little put off by their website, which said their online ordering system is down. After some initial doubts over calling a phone number in another country, I called them and placed the order.

Everything went well and the mounting bracket arrived in about a week. It's a quality hunk of metal. My credit card hasn't been jacked. Thought I'd share in case anyone else is looking.

Next step, bolting this bad boy onto my truck!


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The coax runs between the hood and fender, right next to the bracket. It's a tight fit with RG-58 but a little pinch shouldn't hurt it too much.

Routing power and coax through the firewall will either route through the wiring harness boot or through a reported grommet behind the master cylinder. I was going to search for that yesterday afternoon, but spent some time with family instead. Today...

Antenna Mount Tacoma.JPG

Morris Yarnell

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So the bracket can be mounted anywhere along the fender/hood line that has bolt locations to secure it? Farther out gives a location that may fall prey to branches on the trail but gives a good sight line.
Thanks for the photo to give better explanation.


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on fat bastard, i've got one from lakeview company, who i understand is no longer producing (sucks cause i've had great luck with their stuff). it clips on the hood (hood is popped in the pic so you can see it wrap. i adjusted my hoods a bit so the cable wouldn't be as pinched. looks weird, but i've never had any issues in 8 abusive years. i bought one like 4xhams years ago for my pig, but it wouldn't work. i may still have it.


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CBI Offroad also has one that mounts to the body of the truck, so it doesn't move with the hood. 2 of the three mounting points are hidden under the long black plastic cowling that sits under the wipers. And it has to be trimmed a bit. So install is bit of PITA. Also, they don't spec how big the mounting hole is, so I'm not sure if it would have to be drilled out. The link is to install instructions, which has the best pictures. http://www.cbioffroadfab.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/T2-DLB-Install.pdf

I think I'm going to get the Relentless mount. It's simpler and cheaper. Relentless changed the location on their site, here is the new link: http://www.relentlessfabrication.com/products/05-tacoma-hood-hinge-cb-aux-mount?variant=6137200900
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This mount isn't for NMO, but might prove handy for some Tacoma owners. Good option for CB whips and Hamsticks. I might grab one to put a quick disconnect mount on. Then I could swap between ham and CB antennas as needed. Plus it puts antennas farther away from the passenger compartment, which is advisable when running high power.