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Outdoor Research Wayward Long Sleeve Shirt

I threw this shirt into my go bag before heading off to do the White Rim trail in Canyonlands. I have always been a fan of OR products and this was the first time I have ever owned a travel type shirt. I have always been skeptical of these UPF shirts, and very skeptical of the bug blocking claims.

Wayward Sentinel

Made from quick dry nylon with a UPF 50+ sun protection rating along with a Insect Shield technology. I can say the stitching is top notch, and the buttons are stitched well. The pockets have a button so you can close it, and there is a Napoleon pocket which zips up to secure drivers license, cash, or cards. The pockets are also deep and wide enough to conveniently place a cell phone, small camera, or smaller gps device. It is guaranteed for life.

Sun Protection and Quick Dry
We had temperatures at about 107 for most of the mid and late day times. When I put this shirt on it was to protect my left arm from getting cooked in the desert sun. Immediately after putting it on, I realized this shirt really shed the sun and it felt more like a 10am sun blazing on me vs the 3pm sun. I wore a moisture wicking REI short sleeve underneath and was much cooler with this OR shirt on, then just the REI short sleeve. I drove most of the trail without AC and drank about 2 gallons of water each day. The back side of the shirt would dry almost instantly whenever I got out of the jeep. My drivers seat was soaked.

Bug Protection
When we got to Potato Bottom Campground along the Colorado River we took a short walk through the mosquito infested vegetation to the bank of the river. The other people I was with got mauled and were a bloody mess from the skeeters. I was relatively unscathed with only a few bites on my legs - no bites on my upper body including my neck. It was pretty funny to see about 1,000 mosquitos follow my comrades out of the trees, and only just a few followed me. This technology works - it was washed 2x prior to this trip.

I found the shirt pretty cheap at Amazon.

Morris Yarnell

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I have several shirts similar to yours. Not all have the bug repellant but I like them 'cause they can be long or short sleeve and with the button on the sleeve it doesn't roll down at all with movement. Definitely wear a wicking shirt under them, either long or short sleeve when I travel. They pack light and are easily washed and hang out overnight to be fresh in the AM. Safe pockets are a boon as they can hold much including a passport and money...and as you say a camera for ease of quick photography.
Got most of mine from X-officio. Great shirts.
Also periodically get some on sale at Gander Mountain.
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I back packed yellowstone backcountry and got eaten up by mosquitoes and horseflies. I would rather roll up the windows and move on now.
The UPF tech is legitimate as evidenced by my sweet farmers tan. I really like the guide wear shirts from cabelas, they have a good fabric and breathe really well. If you check their site they frequently have one color or another on sale as well