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Overland Expo 2018 5/17-5/22


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**Justin Pascarella has volunteered to lead this trip. Thanks Justin!

For those of you attending or thinking about going to the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ or just looking for an adventure, I'm planning on leading a small group on a road trip to the expo and back with camping and sightseeing along the way!

The plan is to meet in Denver Thursday at 7am and head to Moab for lunch. Then we head South towards Bluff, UT to camp for the night in The Valley of the Gods. We'll pass through Monument Valley towards Page, AZ to stop in the Lower Antelope Canyon (I have a reservation with Ken's tour myself) From Page we'll make a quick stop to witness Horseshoe Bend in the Grand Canyon on our way to Flagstaff and plan to get to expo in early evening to establish camp and stay Saturday and Sunday.

From the expo we're bound for Moab, we'll stop to visit the Grand Canyon Village (South Rim) to stretch our legs. With the exception of the Lower Antelope Canyon, this is a dog friendly trip so we plan on bringing our dogs. We'll spend Monday night 5/21 and most of the day Tuesday 5/22 to hit up the easy to moderate trails in Moab to have some fun! This trip will consist mostly of free dispersed campgrounds throughout, and I already have campgrounds planned along the way and once we get to Moab.

I highly suggest purchasing tickets for the expo ASAP if you haven't already.
When: Thursday May 17th 7:00am - Tuesday May 22nd
Where: Wooly Mammoth Park and Ride lot off I-70, 18718 US-40 · Golden, CO


Lee Hoffman

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Hey all!
I am not signed up for the Expo meetup trip, this is because I have to leave the day before you guys to get down there in time to be at vendor check-in and booth setup etc. My red 2017 Tacoma will be in the iKamper booth in the "west court" vendor area, come say hello! I will not be at the booth the whole weekend, but most likely a good portion of it. iKamper will be displaying a new tent model on the Tacoma. I will have my overland trailer and personal Skycamp tent in the Anyway, I am seeing that only 5 members of the group are signed up to attend the expo, so I was wondering if you all might be interested in meeting up at my camp area in the "dispersed on-site camping area" for beers friday or saturday evening? Are you all attending the film festival after happy hour one of those evenings, so perhaps the other evening would be better? If you'd be interested, let me know, I'll need to bring enough beer and get your phone numbers to send a group text from the event (since no wifi, only cell phones work, sort of). Not sure where I'll end up camping exactly since the camping is first come first serve on the "camp spots" Thanks!


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I appreciate the invite and I'm guessing most all in the group will be more than happy to drink your beer.....a few of us are hitting the "slot" canyon tour in Page around noon on Friday and then will roll into Flag.
I'll PM you my phone # and we can touch base as things get closer.


Lee Hoffman

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Hey Jason, you are welcome to swing by for a beer... do you think the rest of the gang is interested? Since there are no other replies, its sounding like this is a no-go unless you are wanting me to text you and you are then rounding up the rest of the group that is caravaning down to the expo? Thanks

Lee Hoffman

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Thanks Jason! Wish I could come tonight, but I have to pickup my kids while my wife is working...
I will be in the ikamper booth (my truck is there, they are using it, but I don't work for ikamper.... I just sell the tents at my shop here in Evergreen). So, I may be there at the booth on and off, but I'll be out enjoying the show as well at times! See you there!

Morris Yarnell

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The fire danger is so serious at OX that all fires are restricted including propane campfires.

Fire Restrictions are in effect at Fort Tuthill County Park. This affects and limits the use of fire at the venue, including propane and some cook stoves. Smoking will only be allowed in designated areas. Download notice here.

Keith Bieschke

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Hi All,

We are new members. We were at the last M&G. We will be down at Overland Expo, but will not be coming on the trip with you. We are in the Overland Experience program down there so we will be in classes all day long every day. We will be camped in the campground. If the group is hanging out at night let us know. My cell number is 630.217.1400. Looking forward to it.

Keith and Cathy Bieschke