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pig form-a-funnel


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this has become a cool little tool and storage is easy. i picked one up since years ago, i had to sacrifice the cover for my road atlas to use as a funnel when i ran out of gas. this folds flat so it fits just about anywhere, but then when you need it, you can twist it to your hearts desire. small funnel, wide funnel, bend the end over your tie rod and have a funnel at the end to direct flow. then it just wipes off. you can leave it folded up, or flatten it out again and store it away for next time.
i bought mine at work, we stock the 14.5in.L x 6.5in.W size, but there is also a smaller 9 x 4.75, a larger 22 x 8 5/8 and a long strip style that is 29 x 5. they run anywhere from $8 - $40

didn't have mine handy, so i robbed a few pics off the internet