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Reunion Run With the FJ40


Last fall I sold my'79 FJ40 (on the condition I had visitation rights). After being mothballed by me for 10 years, the new owner has it trail worthy once again.
He fixed the manifold leak, replaced all vacuum lines, installed an HFS suspension, front bumper and Warn 8274, and Toyo 10.50x33 MTs. Bill wanted to test the new suspension a bit so we met up at the 'Bank" off Shelf Road north of Canon City and drove the trail. This trail has a lot of steps and ledges so it seemed like a good place. I was there a few months ago and ended up helping to recover a Honda AWD which was high centered on the edge.
Here we are on the Bank campground access road. There were a lot of folks there and we got a lot of smiles and thumbs up as we cruised thru the parking area:

We were about half way into the trail, Espinoza Gulch maybe, and we met another vehicle:

We were having a better day the the F150 owner:

I had to maneuver the FJ60 some to get past but the FJ40 got around the Ford like it was not there.
We still had some time so we drove through Red Canyon Park intending to take the BLM 4WD trail to Hwy 50. There are several side trails on this route. I assumed they were short dead ends leading to primitive camping spots. It now appears there is a network of trails there, and they are fun. The first trail was a dead end, but the end was very interesting:

Closer look:

Looking back:

We all had fun, but Bill was smiling most of all. The FJ40 has a good home.