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rockford pocket power jump starter


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bought this last year when the boss brought them into work. he had heard that all the mechanics in our springs store loved it for jump starting the semis to get them into the shop. i tried it once last year to start my dead junked 80 and it worked, and packed it away. was disappointed a couple months ago when i tried to charge my phone and it didn't work, but it later turned out that the charge cable i was using was bad (cheapy anker brand of amazon....anker replaced for free when they saw my poor reviews).

yesterday, i had to take fat bastard to work due to more evilness by puff, but it had been sitting and the batteries were dead (thanks national luna and your crap dual battery system). i put them on the charger and fired it up, hoping it would charge enough driving to work. nope. went to leave and didn't even get a click. grabbed this out of the rear box, hooked it up, fired up the cruiser and drove home. have not charged it since the initial charge about a year ago (i am charging it as we speak so i can drive home tonight ;) )