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Where are they made? $2500 is pretty steep if it's made by child slaves in China (and contaminated with who-knows-what kind of dog killing chemicals or radioactive waste). The lack of "about us", physical address, or anything but a goat and *your* tent as far as images go on your website, well, my confidence isn't soaring.

I don't insist that everything be "Made in America", but I don't pay Times Square prices for Tiananmen Square products either. Especially if this is a marked up, rebadged, $1500 Chinese Black Fin RTT off of ebay.

If these are made in Mexico, Bangladesh, or especially if they're made here in Denver, let us know. That could be a pretty big deal. Across the market.


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I'll put up some links regarding "international commerce" when I get on a real competed instead of my phone, but I think I demonstrated my position with "I don't insists on made in USA". In short, if a $10 toaster is $8 materials, and $4 transportation, how does labor cost -$2?. That's my primary beef with Chinese manufacturing.
I'm a huge fan of supporting local business, and I'm a huge fan of fair trade. I know that not everything can be made to these standards. However, I'm boycotting China because they use child slave labor unapologeticaly, and repeatedly dispose of radioactive and chemical waste by mixing it with products meant for the US market. I'm not flawless, I just bought two enamelware cups in Georgetown that had stickers saying Mexico on the bottom, but I bet it's just the decorations we're applied there while the cups themselves we're made in China. At the same time I make an effort, and at $2500 you can be sure it's a damn strong effort, that my money doesn't pay a slave master to beat children in China.
The core of who we are is the metrics of or decisions. When asked of Rocky Mountain Roof-top-tents, "who are you?" What will the answer be? I'm looking forward to the addition of the "about us" section.
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Politics aside, that's a sharp looking tent! My issue is more giving up my entire roof rack space for just a tent. I currently have a CVT mt Shasta, has worked well for 5 years and leaves me room for extra gear.


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taking your larger tent, the 100 series, you show measurements at 84x57. the medium maggiolina airland is about the same size ( 83x57)

the maggiolina is insulated. judging by the pictures, yours is not. insulation helps block sunlight, keep the tent temperatures regulated and help with noise.

the maggiolina has been known for it's quality for decades in countries all around the world. your's is unknown.
the maggiolina weighs 132lbs. yours is 33 pounds heavier.

i won't get into sidewall material since i haven't seen one in person. the pictures make it look like down jacket material...if so, the dralon of the maggiolina is definitely more durable and quiet during windy weather. also will rebound back from being packed wet better.

yes, the maggiolina is more. the one i'm talking about is $2999 retail. many distributors will offer discounts though, so it would be about the same price. when the tepui is available, i'm sure it will be more expensive, but in line with the quality hardshells. the james baroud is considerably more expensive.

you are right about being in line with all the other chinese tents, but how many people do you hear craving for a bigfoot or roofnest (both of which are less expensive and lighter than yours) sorry, but for an untested brand, uninsulated tent of unknown quality, the discounts would have to be a heck of a lot better for me to try it.


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