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I like to support the companies that support us so I've placed several orders with sierraexpeditions.com over the last year. My experience with them has not been as impressive as I would of liked.

First order was for some small stuff. I got a call the next day saying a couple things were out of stock but would be ready by the end of the week. No real problems but it would of been nice if their site reflected actual stock levels.

Second order was for some small stuff and I tried to buy a Howling Moon Stargazer RTT since they were the only one who had it. I got a call a day or two later telling me they don't have any Howling Moon gear and it should never of been orderable on the website. Tent order canceled, rest of the stuff showed up no problem.

Last order was for some small stuff, a Pull-Pal and Maxtrax. I get another call the next day saying they are going to drop ship the Pull-Pal and the Maxtrax are out of stock but would be in soon. No problem. Later that week I received the box of small stuff and digging through it found that almost half of what I ordered wasn't in the box. I called Sierra and they promptly took care of it and sent the missing items.

A couple days after that the Pull-Pal shows up. You can get the Pull-Pal in standard silver or a black to match AEV bumpers. Since I have AEV bumpers I wanted black and Sierra's website showed black. The Pull-Pal I received was silver so I emailed Sierra and was told Pull-Pal no longer does black even though other companies still carry the black and apologized for the wrong image on the website even though they haven't updated it. I thought about sending it back but decided it wasn't worth the hassle.

Next was the Maxtrax. It took longer to get the Maxtrax then they said but I understand that's out of their control since it was freighted from Australia. My disappointment after waiting 4 weeks was I received the wrong color when they finally showed up. I sent them an email and no response so I waited a day or two and sent another without a response. Finally I called them and was told they got my email and would send the right color when they got more stock. It took an additional 2 months and a couple more emails that didn't always get returned to get the correct color.

Was my experience with them bad? I think I would call it more frustrating. Every order I've placed I've had to deal with something happening and always end up on the phone talking to someone. I think the deal breaker for me was the fact they screwed up 100% of my last order. They always tried to make it right and I think they really mean well but with other companies that get it done correct the first time it's hard to go back.

Since they do support the overland community I really hope they can iron some of the issues out and become more reliable.


I do not believe your experiences are random. I purchased my rock sliders from them and they worked with me very will to get them shipped to a business to save some shipping costs. The sliders arrived without a hardware kit so I called them and was informed they no longer had a hardware kits as I got the last set of sliders. They then informed me that they would email me a hardware list so I could source them locally which they never did and after several unanswered unreturned phone calls I figured it out on my own and got the sliders installed properly. It was a little frustrating but then I did get a very good deal on the sliders so not to complain too much but I think their customer focus could be better.


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That does sound frustrating.

Have you ever been to Slee? While they specialize in Toyotas, they also carry universal stuff- like ARB drawers/fridges and whatnot, Hi-Lifts, TReDs (competitor to the MaxTraxx) and tons of other stuff. They are in Golden. Point is, while the internet is great, it can be frustrating. Buying locally can sometimes solve that.

I tend to not buy auto parts online because of the return hassle if it's wrong or just plain warranty returns. Running to the nearby Autozone/Advance/NAPA is so much faster and easier. And this coming from a guy who can park a vehicle for a week or more and not be inconvenienced by it because I have a DD and a trail rig that could be DD'd if I had to.
Guess I was lucky with them. I purchased some Treds from them and they showed up within 4 days. Right color and on time with free shipping.
If you need to borrow mine let me know. I dont need them this weekend or the next. They are yellow and you can see them from far away.


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Thanks for the Tred's offer. My Maxtrax showed up Monday, of course I wanted it for the snow which is dwindling but at least I have it.

I also didn't know that Pull Pal is in Carbondale. Unfortunately I already drilled a mounting hole so they're mine. I figure I can always hit it with some bed liner if I really wanted it changed.


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We've gone through Xpedition Outfitters a few times since they support Gone Moab and have been pleased with their service. I wanted to purchase an ARB fridge through Sierra Expeditions but the markup they did before the supposed "free shipping" offer was ridiculous.