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What are you guys liking for solar panels & controllers these days? Any recommendations for manufacturers to target or avoid? Needed features? Mostly to be used for augmenting running a fridge but may need to do other things.

I'm looking at a
http://a.co/i8zluoC MOHOO 100W Bendable Foldable Thin Lightweight Solar Panel for $200. Looks kinda big but folds in half.
http://a.co/cnYO6sp SUAOKI 60W Portable Folding Solar Panel for $170 which would be much more portable but might not have enough W.

How about for MPPT controllers?



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I don't understand solar and the "overlanding" thing. We primarily drive during the day when it's hot and the thermal load on the fridge is the highest and are parked for maybe 10-12 hours at a time during the night. The rest of the time the vehicle's charging system should be more than up to the task of keeping the battery charged.

If you aren't constantly diving into the fridge for this and that, the fridge should stay nice and cool and have minor electrical needs.

Ben runs a fridge and doesn't have solar. John doesn't either (last time I saw his rig). I don't think Ige does either. Brad?

If you're looking to do solar because it's another "gadget", then there's probably no talking you out of it. But I don't think you need solar to run a fridge.

Now if you're planning on going to Baja and parking on a beach for a week, or until the beer runs out, then solar might be good to have. But for the "constantly nomadic" approach this group has shown, I would be spending my money elsewhere first (like those 44s we talked about in Moab).

Morris Yarnell

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I have a foldable 100 watt panel and a solar controller. Mine is not a 'gadget'. I use it when I am parked for a day or two. Keeps the second battery topped off and the battery is used for more than the fridge. I guess if you are constantly on the move and don't stop to camp or hike and enjoy the country I can see how you might not think it is worth the effort. Ask Ross about his.
The 'overloading thing' is a bit misused.


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I have a folding 100W panel from Overland Solar and an Anderson plug right into the 2nd battery. I use it like both Tom and Morris said, for when we are more camping and exploring rather than clocking in a lot of miles. Whether or not I need it for 2-3 days I haven't tested but with a couple of kids looking for drinks or snacks it is a nice piece of mind.
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I have a solar panel but decided to remove it from my roof rack as it didn’t make sense. We tend to switch campsites every night and even if we come back we still pack up every morning to do trails. I have it if I need it but no longer carry it regularly.