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Streamlight Siege LED Lantern


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I've been running these Streamlight Siege lanterns and really like them. I hang a couple off the awning and it's enough light to cook and clean by. They have 3 intensities of white light as well as a solid red and flashing SOS red. They run on 3 D cell batteries but so far I haven't replaced any. The globe is also removable if you need a more directed light.

Overall it's a fairly compact lantern with great light and strong durability. If anyone is considering picking up a LED lantern and I would check them out.



Morris Yarnell

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Watched the video...the thing is amazing. Might just get one, although I have a few other lanterns but this one seems to beat them out.


i forget the maker, but there is "another" version of this out there. looks identical, saw it on the Cornwell truck. think it was $40 or so. wonder how they compare?