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The windshield debacle


Had a little issue today with the truck. I finally decided to get the windshield replace. It has been over 17 years since it had some fresh glass and it showed. Now keep in mind the truck is 27 years old and being an Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado truck it is 99% rust free. Well I found out today that glass shops do not like to work on old trucks. When the glass company arrived at my work the first thing they said was “if there is rust under the windshield we can’t install the new windshield. Well the only thing I could do was to prey and let them take the old glass out.

Wouldn’t you know it...... RUST!
not a lot and not deep just surface rust but the glass guys refused to proceed. So there I am with no windshiel. What to do?

so I purchased the glass from them, put on my glasses, and drove the truck home.

first thing, I had to get rid of the rust so I broke out the toothpicks to get the bugs out of my teeth from the drive home an started removing the rust with a wire wheel and grinder. Once that was done I put a cote of anti rust etching primer on the windshield frame. Next I layered a bead of windshield sealant and with the help of a neighbor put the new windshield in good as new.

Just goes to show what you accomplish when you have no choice.

So just a heads up for older rig owners. Be prepared because the glass guys are not on your side and are not willing to help on an older rig


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Know a guy with an 80-series. He had a little bit of rust on his roof where it met the windshield. His rust actually cracked the windshield. He spent a ton of $$$ on body work to fix it so he could install a new windshield.


Yah the upper left corner of the old windshield had a crack on the inside. It was most likely caused by the rust in the upper left corner. I ground out all the rust and primed the metal underneath with a rust inhibiting primer before I put the new glass in. I’ve been doing some researich and it seems that some moldings can exasperate rust by keeping water in next to the metal. I didn’t put a molding back in as I didn’t have one that fit and the old one was too far gone to reuse. I can add one if I want I’m just not sure if it is necessar.