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Tool storage


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how do you store your tools in your rig?

I've got one of those 120 piece Craftsman sets and I keep them in the black "suitcase" that it comes in. It's pretty big and bulky though.

I was thinking maybe a tool roll. But I don't have any experience with them.


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Thats a nice tool roll. I have a small one that works well, as well as an old tool case that I hollowed out to throw a bunch of random stuff in, and other smaller containers for parts and random stuff.


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paul's stuff (atc) is sweet. that said, i already had everything in a couple of soft tool bags that i won in a raffle years ago. i keep the wrenches on a carabiners sepereated by metric and fractional, and the sockets on a rails same way so they are easily found.


I have a CLC Tool roll and have had for years now, its amazing how much stuff you can roll up inside one.

looks something like this.

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Both are pretty nice. I'm guessing the Bucket Boss is made in China as they have no mention of "made in USA" on their site and is about $60 cheaper than the ATC.


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They look smaller than the ATC as well. There are extra pockets on the ATC for gloves, rags etc. I keep a full electrical kit in the pocket on the far right. Electrical connectors, crimpers, soldering iron and solder, electrical tape and a small multimeter.


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Rolls are the way to go. Mine's been great but I think the company who made mine went out of business. If I was doing it today I would go with ATC as well.


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Got my tool roll today. Very well done. I'm impressed with this thing.

Opened up the cardboard box and found the roll neatly wrapped up along with a paper map of Colorado.

I opened up that note card and found a hand written note thanking me for my purchase. How do I know it was hand written? Along with my tool roll order, I ordered another sticker (I was jealous of Brad's and wanted to make sure I got one) and the note said "we've included another sticker for you". All in the same font and ink.

So here's my tool drawer before. Getting the plastic suitcase out was always a pain because it just barely fit with the drawer open.

Here's all the tools I packed in here. I used bailing wire to group the sockets together and carabiners to hold the wrenches together.

And then the tool drawer afterwards. Looks pretty much the same right? What you can't see is the bag of recovery gear at the front of the drawer that wasn't in there before.

Very nice product.

Morris Yarnell

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Also ordered the ATC tool roll. It holds all of the required tools and seems to be very well made. I have called Paul and asked him about a special item I want him to make up for me. Since I can not see anything on his site like it, a meeting to discuss the item will have to happen.