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Trails requested please


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Hey there crew, I have a request for you on some local trails. My work (Hogshead Brewery) is putting together an "off-road" club to foster more client interaction outside of the brewery that doesn't necessarily involve drinking beer. Strange, I know.

Anyway, my manager wants to put together around 4 day trips this summer leaving Denver in the morning and returning in the late afternoon/evening to the Brewery for beers and debriefing. The level of the trails would be easy to moderate to accommodate various levels of ability and equipment (hopefully no winching or carnage but scouting routes for clearance/obstacles and guidance would be good). Basically an easy day with nice views and destination for this group.

Any suggestions that I can kick back to my manager? Of course I would post the dates back here for the group to join, no special handshakes needed and refreshments responsibly enjoyed during the day and after.



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Ben’s “Sand to Hills” trip we did back over Labor Day 2018 is a good one. But with the snow the mountains have been getting...... that’s the wild card. Way too early to tell.

The COBDR is good too. But again.... snow.


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Thanks Tom. We won't be planning any trips until summer and see when the snow stops falling.

Where was the Sand to Hills run?