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Truck Bed Drawers - Feedback Wanted!


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Hey RMO Community! I wanted to take a second to show you something neat that I have been working on! These are the Nomad Drawers, they are a custom fit truck bed solution for adventures on the go. I’ve been using the first prototype now for 6 months and have found it to be the perfect homebase for climbing and camping trips. Mine is outfitted to store all of my climbing gear (including my hexes, although they haven't gotten a scratch on them yet...), camping gear and more. Recently I bought a cheap mattress topper online and threw it in the back and now it's my mobile campsite! My friends and I have launched Nomad Design Systems and are currently taking prototype orders on our site. We are looking for like minded people interested in participating in the design feedback process to help us continue to improve. If you are interested head on over to our site or shoot us an email. I appreciate your time! -Saraphina @ Nomad Design Systems


Morris Yarnell

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Thank you for the posting and view of your drawers. They do look interesting and if I hadn't already installed a manufactured shelf system they surely would be in the possible column.


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Hey Morris! Thanks for the feedback! We're attempting to be a more cost effective option than most manufactured shelf systems, and we can customize the drawers to your specific needs. Maybe we'll catch you next time!


Do you have anything that fits securely on 1 side or the other? On trips I frequently put my Mt bike in the back of my Wrangler with it vertical on the passenger side. It takes up most of that side. What I'd like is a shelf that will fit on just the other side. Probably a 40/60 split with the drawer getting 40% so that I can get some long items between the bike and drawer. 2 layers of drawers (1 for mini kitchen, 1 storage) then a fridge on top of the unit on a slideout.

How well does the birch hold up to serious bouncing around and weather/water?